China, a Fast-Growing, Unique Market

As the world’s second-largest market (after the US) and the only major market growing in the high single-digits annually, China is attracting increasing numbers of multinational companies (MNCs) vying aggressively for market share in the innovative drugs sector.
With a decade of sustained government support, including policy reform, talent development, and investment, we see China becoming a “wave one” country for innovative product launches with companies pivoting toward innovation-driven portfolios.
China is a unique market with localized policies and restricted regulations. To conduct business successfully in China, an MNC needs to internalize insights into disease management and obtain a deep understanding of the healthcare system in China.

What we do

At HLT, we offer real-world evidence-based analytics and market insights, customized strategies consulting leveraging in-depth healthcare expertise, a broad KOL network, and digital commercialization taking advantage of cutting-edge AI technologies.

HLT provides overall solutions for the total life-cycle of a product.

China Pharmaceutical Market – Product Full Life-cycle Curve

Future Past

Fast uptake after reimbursed

Patent cliff

Key Successful Factor (KFS)

Understanding on target population

Market insights on competitor landscape

Experience on drug registration

Supply chain capability

Pricing and access strategy in self-paid market

Key Successful Factor (KFS)

Efficacy and safety

Market strategy and market campaign

Medical affair and expert coverage

Medical strategy and market access strategy

HEOR evidences generation

PAP/PSP innovative payment

Key Successful Factor (KFS)

Reimbursement negotiation

Reimbursement execution

Market strategy execution

New indication expansion

RWE evidence generation

Key Successful Factor (KFS)

Patent and data protection

Product differentiation compared with generics

VBP competing strategy

Brand strategy after LOE

Market operation and channel strategy after LOE

New launch
Loss of exclusive (LOE)

Tailored offering

Pricing and Access

Pricing and access pathway design

Value proposition

Innovative payment scheme

Market strategy pre-launch

Brand positioning/ patient segmentation

Patient full disease cycle management strategy

Digital commercial strategy and channel planning

Post-launch strategy adjustment

Re-positioning/ brand performance tracking

BD and portfolio strategy

Digital empowered solution (AI, digital integrated total solution platform for diagnosis and treatment)

Post-LOE strategy adjustment

VBP competing strategy and solution

TA innovative strategy for brand extension

Traditional and digital channel strategy rebuilding

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